The Flow of the EFIT Tango (Digital Download)


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Join ICEEFT trainers Heike McCahon and Ali Barbosa as they walk you through an EFIT clinical sample of their work with two clients.

Observe and learn from the clients’ continuing journey of self discovery recorded in Stage 1 and Stage 2, showing the Flow of the EFIT TANGO.

A full length video of 2 hours and 46 minutes, this resource contains:

  • Six separate session clips with subtitles and clinical comments
  • Additional clinical content with commentaries inclusive of inserted key teaching points
  • Featured clients who are culturally and physically diverse.

Engage with the video content directly through practicing the skills demonstrated.  Be prompted by questions to support your own experiential work at the end of the video material.

Gain unlimited streaming access to this high quality EFIT training content that Sue Johnson viewed and enthusiastically approved of in the weeks prior to her passing.