Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) Clinical Demonstration (Digital Download)


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This EFFT Clinical Example is a full-length video of a consultation session by Gail Palmer. This is a family of two parents and one adolescent son, who has been referred to the school counsellor for school avoidance. In this family, there has been a history of physical abuse between mother and son and there is concern regarding the youth’s depression. This Clinical Example includes an introduction by Gail, highlighting the specific moments in the session, that demonstrate:

  • beginning a family session
  • tracking the distressed pattern
  • focusing on the most distressed dyad
  • promoting parental buy-in
  • processing parental block
  • accessing and processing youth vulnerability
  • accessing and processing the youth’s reach for their attachment need. 

The filming of this video is not high quality however the session does demonstrate many of the distinguishing elements in applying EFT in the family context. 

Approximate running time: 2 hours

EFFT Clinical Demonstration

EFFT Clinical Demonstration