Hold Me Tight Program for Families with Adult Children

Welcome to Hold Me Tight for Families with Adult Children! Our program offers tailored guidance for navigating the intricate dynamics of parent-adult child relationships. Join us as we explore structured conversations and exercises to deepen understanding, strengthen bonds, and foster mutual respect across generations.

Through a combination of theory, practical exercises, structured private family discussions, and group support, this program guides participants in reframing their needs for connection to align with the unique stages they encounter as a family. By providing a framework for understanding and addressing generational shifts, the program empowers both participants and therapists to engage in meaningful conversations that foster understanding and strengthen familial bonds across generations.

The Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Be Me Program for Families with Adult Children, developed by Drs. Nancy & Paul Aikin, is a modified version of Dr. Sue Johnson’s original Hold Me Tight® Program.

The program is designed for families with adult children, recognizing that the familial bond endures for more decades than ever before.
As family dynamics evolve, moments of distress and uncertainty can emerge, leaving members unsure how to navigate their relationships.
This program uses theory, exercises, private discussions, and group support to reframe connection needs across family stages.

Families Navigating Adult Children Relationships

Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Be Me — Generation to Generation Conversations for Families with Adult Children developed by Drs. Nancy & Paul Aikin


The Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Be Me Program for Families with Adult Children by Drs. Nancy & Paul Aikin is an adaptation of the original Hold Me Tight® Program: Conversations for Connection by Dr. Sue Johnson and is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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