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Books by Dr. Sue Johnson

Johnsons, S.M., & Sanderfer, K. (2017). Created for Connection Facilitator’s Guide for Small Groups. Ottawa, Canada: ICEEFT.

This book is a guide for therapists in conducting the relationship enhancement program based on the 2016 book, Created for Connection: The Hold Me Tight Guide for Christian Couples, and includes a CD of in-class handouts, homework exercises, a jpg slide show and various appendices. The Created for Connection program includes the books, Created for Connection and Created for Connection Facilitator’s Guide, and the DVDs, Hold Me Tight®:Conversations for Connection and Creating Relationships that Last: A Conversation with Dr. Sue Johnson.

Johnsons, S.M., & Sanderfer, K. (2016). Created for Connection: The “Hold Me Tight” Guide for Christian Couples. New York, NY: Little Brown.

Johnson, S.M. (2013). Love Sense: The revolutionary new science of romantic relationships. New York, NY: Little Brown.