Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) Consultation

“Mastering Skills and Overcoming Challenges in EFIT: A Consultation Process” is a new training in the EFT for Individuals (EFIT) stream. For brevity, this page will refer to the course as “EFIT Consultation”. There are also analogous courses in EFT for Couples (EFCT) and EFT for Families (EFFT) streams.


Beginning in 2024, advance your practice and improve your client outcomes by taking your EFIT skills to the next level! In this two-part course, you will learn from expert trainers as they show and talk about their therapy sessions – where they get stuck, how they get unstuck, and how the attachment map and EFT Tango provide a beacon in all cases! Next, you will join with your colleagues as they show their work, and watch as expert trainers help guide the therapy process through feedback, consultation, and role plays specifically aimed at framing clients’ problems through the lens of attachment, mapping the process, maintaining momentum, unblocking barriers to growth, and more!

What will I learn in “EFIT Consultation”?

You’ll Discover:

  • How to model safety as a surrogate attachment figure to promote relationship security and harness the potency of emotion to transform trauma, quell anxiety, dim the darkness of depression, and more!
  • Ways of creating and maintaining a robust therapeutic alliance.
  • Methods for tracking and identifying key inner and interpersonal patterns that block growth, connection, and progress in therapy.
  • How the EFIT therapist uses key interventions to first validate and then dissolve blocks.
  • How to harness the power of attunement, an attachment map, and key EFIT interventions to keep clients at their leading edge of discovery and promote growth within and between sessions.
  • A proven set of interventions that you can rely on to move any and all clients away from reactivity and numbing to greater emotional balance, paving the way for increased growth, and growth through connection.
  • Greater mastery of the core EFIT interventions, and how to use these skills to effectively move you and your clients out of stuck places and into growth!
  • A more nuanced understanding of the core EFIT macro-intervention, the EFIT Tango, and the power of attunement in using the Tango to propel the therapy process forward.
  • Key methods and interventions that will lead your clients into secure attachment, the platform for well-being and ongoing growth and connection!
  • The confidence and competence to help any type of client, with any presenting problem.

Outline of this training

Part 1:

Participants will learn from expert trainers as they share and discuss their work.  Key points considered include:

  • Maintaining a Robust Alliance
  • Finding and Keeping Focus in Session
  • Identifying Key Inner and Interpersonal Patterns that Block Progress
  • Deepening Engagement in the Face of Avoidance and Intellectualization
  • Working with Blocks at Leading Edge of Experience
  • Assembling, Befriending, and Ordering Emotion
  • Maintaining Focus, Depth, and Momentum with Complex Client Presentations
  • Shaping Core Identity Dramas with Elements of Self or with Others

Part 2:

There will be three two-hour sessions, with two participants presenting cases each session (for a total of six case presentations).  Expert trainers will provide feedback and consultation, and will engage in role plays with each other and/or participants for the purposes of demonstrating the EFIT model as specifically applied to the case discussed and presenting issue(s).

Who is this training for?

This 10-hour training is tailored for therapists working with Individuals. Engage with expert trainers as they navigate through real therapy sessions, revealing how to overcome common hurdles using the EFIT Tango and attachment map. In a collaborative setting, join your peers in presenting your own cases, benefiting from personalized feedback and consultation, alongside insightful role plays.

The EFIT Consultation journey will equip you with enhanced strategies to foster secure attachments, maintain a robust therapeutic alliance, and effectively navigate through therapy sessions, fostering growth and overcoming barriers to progress. With a balanced mix of expert insights, peer presentations, and interactive learning, you’ll gain the confidence and competence to address a diverse range of client challenges, enriching your practice and promoting meaningful change in your clients’ lives.

Prerequisites & Sequence

If you are new to EFT or EFT for individuals, it is strongly recommended you complete EFIT Essentials (or EFIT Levels 1 + 2) before starting this course.

If you have completed some EFT or EFIT training already, you may take Consultation as a stand-alone course.

For certification, both “EFIT Essentials” (or EFIT Levels 1 and 2) and EFIT Consultation are required.

Recommended reading: A Primer for Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT): Cultivating Fitness and Growth in Every Client. (2022) Johnson, S. M., & Campbell, T. L. Routledge

Upcoming “EFIT Consultation” Events

Prerecorded Mastering Skills and Overcoming Challenges in EFIT: A Consultation Process - with Sue Johnson & Leanne Campbell

Image Description
Trainer Host Community or Center Language Date
Sue Johnson, Leanne Campbell North America (Online) English August 7, 2024

From Aug. 7, this prerecorded course is available on-demand for a limited time. Registrations close Sept. 22.<br /> No prior EFIT training is needed to take this unique prerecorded course. Please click &quot;event link&quot; for information and to register. Presented by ICEEFT Courses.

Mastering Skills and Overcoming Challenges with EFIT: A Consultation Program ~ Online (Australia)

Image Description
Trainer Host Community or Center Language Date
Clare Rosoman Australia - Centre for EFT English September 9, 2024

This training revises the concepts of EFIT focusing on real-world case examples and experiential exercises to deepen participants’ mastery of the EFIT model. It will allow therapists to practice the interventions, discuss blocks and stuck places, and aims to build both confidence and skills.

Mastering Skills and Overcoming Challenges with EFIT: A Consultation Program ~ Online (Britain)

Image Description
Trainer Host Community or Center Language Date
Helene Igwebuike, Robert Allan, PhD Britain English October 12, 2024

This two-day training (10 hours) on 12th and 26th October 2024 follows on from Essentials of EFIT and helps you deepen your understanding of the EFIT model and discover effective ways to overcome obstacles and barriers to change.<br /> <br /> You will join with your colleagues as they show real-world case examples of their work, and watch as ICEEFT Certified EFT trainers, Helene Igwebuike, Sarah McConnell, and Robert Allan help guide the therap