Emotionally Focused Therapy with Same-Sex Couples ~ Institutional Version


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While therapeutic resources for heterosexual couples are plentiful, there’s very little available for therapists working with same sex couples.

Tim and Andrew have come to therapy to understand why their 28-year relationship feels emotionally “bankrupt,” leaving them both feeling isolated and misunderstood. Janie and Kelly are looking for ways to de-escalate the tensions that have led Janie to “the precipice” of leaving their six-year partnership. After building a therapeutic foundation with a handful of EFT sessions, their respective therapists have enlisted Johnson for case consultation. You’ll be treated to both the case consultations as well as sessions with Johnson and each of the couples.

As Johnson builds a trusting alliance with each couple, watch her meticulously inquire into their dynamics, cyclical patterns, and emotional experiences. Calm and heartfelt, yet incisive, deliberate, and firm, she gently directs the couples into ever-deepening emotional communication using EFT techniques such as reframes, heightening, and enactments that emphasize attachment needs.

In addition to these EFT tools, you’ll discover how cultural conditions impact same-sex partnerships and the emotional processes EFT is so effective in uncovering. Johnson’s non defensive, self-disclosing style is not only clinically skillful, but beautiful to witness. Consultation sections, a panel discussion, and well-timed commentary supplement the two live sessions, providing deep insight into the couples’ needs and Johnson’s strategy.

If you’re looking to expand your skill with couples in general or same-sex couples in particular—or if you want an invaluable demonstration of EFT from the master herself—add this video to your library now!


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