Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT): Ongoing therapy with a father and his adult son (Digital Download)


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Join EFFT Therapist and Trainer Gail Palmer as she works with a family that entered treatment
following the loss of a son / brother to suicide. Gail introduces us to the family members and
describes the beginning work with the specific dyad of father and adult son. Watch an example
of Stage One work that illustrates both the father’s block and how he challenges his son and
defends himself, and the son’s anger and mistrust of his father’s intentions and how he finds his
own voice. Other sessions focus on engaging parental accessibility and responsiveness,
identification of the son’s fear and his related attachment needs, and the promotion of an
effective caregiving response from father to son. Witness how change happens in EFFT and the
powerful transformation of the bond between this father and son.

Sessions occurred over several months and each segment includes an introduction and process
analysis by Gail. As a bonus, included is an EFIT session with the father, where Gail processes his
block to caregiving by helping him engage with his younger self and his early experiences of
how he was fathered. The video ends with closing remarks by Gail and questions posed to the
viewer to evoke self reflection and engagement of their inner supervisor. (Approx. 6 hours)