Training DVD # 5: Re-engaging Withdrawers


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Training DVD #5:
Re-engaging Withdrawers

2009, DVD
Disc 1: 92 minutes
Disc 2: 85 minutes

This DVD shows two complete live sessions (with Dr. Sue Johnson as the therapist) that were conducted at Externships in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy in 2008/2009.

Disc 1: Couple 1 – Session 8 of EFT with John and Julia
Disc 2: Couple 2 – Session 11 of EFT with Juli and Lee

These couples had never met with Dr. Johnson before these sessions and knew that they were being observed and had been recommended for these consultations by their EFT therapists. The couples are now entering Stage II where the therapist helps partners to reach for each other and create positive bonding events. The first task is to focus on engaging the more withdrawn partner (John in Couple 1 and Juli in Couple 2).

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