Whether you are 22, 42, 62, or 82, what parent doesn’t want to heal ruptures with their grown-up child and what adult child doesn’t wish to be understood and accepted in their separate autonomous lives?

Adult children and their parents remain a family for more decades than ever before. Roles keep changing and with these shifts, moments of distress are inevitable, and insecurity triggered. We often don’t know how to be with each other.

With the help of theory, exercises, structured private family conversations and group support, the Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Be Me Program shows participants how to reframe their needs for connection to better fit each of the stages they find themselves facing as a family. The program shows therapists how to facilitate these generation-to-generation conversations.

The Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Be Me Program for Families with Adult Children is an adaptation of the original Hold Me Tight® Program: Conversations for Connection by Dr. Sue Johnson and is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy.

This Package includes:

  • Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Be Me Generation to Generation Conversations Video/DVD (approximate running time: 1 hour)
  • Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Be Me Facilitator’s Guide and accompanying files, including handouts and exercises in the form of Facilitator and Participant Workbooks.


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