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Benefits of Supervisor Certification:

  • Recognition by ICEEFT of supervisory status
  • Eligible to be designated as an EFT Supervisor on the ICEEFT Directory, upon completion of requirements and membership in ICEEFT, and on the web site for referrals by the Institute and agencies in your area
  • Ability to supervise other therapists who are working on becoming a Certified EFT therapist



  • Certification as an EFT Therapist for one year  (exceptions may be made for experienced supervisors or area need)
  • 10 hours of mentorship between 2 Certified EFT Supervisors / Trainers
  • Completion of a course on supervision for counselling / psychotherapy.  If not available in your area, options can be discussed with an ICEEFT representative
  • Four years of clinical experience with couples / families
  • Supervision of a minimum of three trainee Therapists in EFT
  • Submission of a written description of your experience in supervision:a) how many people you have supervised; b) number of cases you have supervised; c) a written description (approximately 1000 words) of how you believe your supervision fits with EFT principles of supervision (give specific examples to support this perspective)
  • Submission of two one-half hour recordings, in standard DVD or CD format, demonstrating supervision of two different therapists.  These recordings need to be of individual supervision (which could involve 2 therapists) and not group supervision or voice over supervision recordings.  One of the tapes submitted needs to include supervisor and therapist review of taped session material
  • Submission of two reference letters from mentors of supervision

Application Procedure

Fee for review and administration is $600.00.  Payable by Visa/Matercard, please download form or by Cheque.

Anyone planning to apply to be a Certified EFT Supervisor, must complete and send the linked form along with submission of the fee to ICEEFT as a prelude to beginning to supervise therapists – as a supervisor-in-training and understands that this process and supervisor-in-training period needs to be complete within two years.