The ICEEFT organization has always stood for humanistic values that support connections and seek to understand and bridge differences between people in romantic relationships, in families, and in communities. ICEEFT denounces the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the devastation and harm that is being caused to innocent people. Our hearts grieve with Ukrainian people. This war (and all war) is destroying lives, livelihoods and future; it shatters relationships and creates long-lasting traumas in Ukrainian people. The aftermath of this war will echo through generations in mental health problems, torn relationships, substance abuse, interpersonal violence and more. We are here to support our community in standing together against the violence and in healing the wounds of this conflict. The EFT belief in the importance of connection has united therapists from around the world. We want to urge our community to stand together, no matter your nationality, language, or cultural heritage and to support those who are suffering: in Ukraine and those who have fled to other countries.