Updated ICEEFT Statement on the Israel-Gaza Crisis

Dear ICEEFT member,

We write to you today with open hearts, having heard and understood the sentiments expressed by our colleagues from the Middle East and others. Your concerns are important to us, and we want to address them with the utmost care and respect.

In addition to our previous statement on the crisis, we want to assure you that ICEEFT deeply cares about the well-being of all individuals, including the Palestinian and Israeli people who find themselves caught in a dreadful war. We recognize the gravity of the situation and the immense suffering experienced by countless families. We affirm that expressing support and concern for both sides of any conflict is not only appropriate but vital in creating a space that upholds the principles of empathy, compassion, and healing.

We understand the unique challenges that come with being part of a diverse and culturally rich community. We are actively exploring ways to strengthen unity and understanding within our global community. The humanitarian aspect of this conflict is deeply felt, and we stand in solidarity with all those who are suffering. We acknowledge the ongoing trauma experienced by the Palestinian and Israeli peoples and are committed to advocating for their rights, safety, and well-being.

Your work, your compassion, and your dedication to creating spaces of safety and growth are the embodiment of our shared mission. If you have resources or initiatives that can provide support to those affected by the conflict, we wholeheartedly encourage you to share them with our community. Together, we can make a tangible difference, one gesture of kindness at a time.

Thank you for your dedication to the well-being of all individuals, no matter their circumstances. We are honored to have you as part of our extraordinary community, and we look forward to working together to create a world that truly embraces healing, compassion, and unity.

With deepest gratitude and warmest regards,

The ICEEFT Board