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Transform Relationships with Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight” is a bestselling book by Dr. Sue Johnson, offering a revolutionary approach to building and nurturing lasting relationships. Drawing from years of research in attachment theory and clinical practice, Dr. Johnson explores the science of love and attachment, revealing how our deep emotional bonds shape our interactions and experiences within relationships.

In “Hold Me Tight,” Dr. Johnson introduces readers to Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a proven framework for strengthening connections and resolving conflicts in relationships. Through real-life case studies, practical exercises, and insightful guidance, readers learn how to identify and address patterns of communication and behavior that undermine intimacy and trust.

With compassion and clarity, Dr. Johnson provides couples with the tools they need to cultivate deeper emotional connections, communicate more effectively, and navigate the ups and downs of life together. “Hold Me Tight” offers a roadmap for couples seeking to understand and overcome obstacles to intimacy, ultimately fostering greater love, security, and fulfillment in their relationships.

“The most important, valuable book for couples published in the 21st century.”

Barry McCarthy, Ph.D.


“An honest, no-holds-barred approach. Not only can real love be kept alive, it can flourish.”

The Boston Globe


“A much-needed message to all couples and therapists and and I recommend it to all.”

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

AUTHOR of getting the love you want and receiving love


Relationship Education and Enhancement Program

Discover the latest advancements in relationship education with our New Updated Relationship Education and Enhancement Program. This comprehensive program offers innovative strategies and practical tools designed to strengthen relationships and foster lasting connections. Whether you’re a couple seeking to deepen your bond or a professional looking to enhance your practice, this program provides valuable insights and exercises to support your journey toward healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Explore the updated program today and take the first step toward building a stronger, more resilient partnership.

Hold Me Tight® book

The original physical book that sparked it all!

Hold Me Tight® Facilitators Guide For Small Groups

Includes handouts, slides, and exercises.

Hold Me Tight® Conversations for Connection

Engaging video/2-DVD set.

Creating Relationships that Last

Enlightening video/DVD.

A Facilitator’s Guide to Leading Your Best Hold Me Tight® Workshop

Essential video/DVD (2015).

Hold Me Tight® Conversations 1, 2 & 4 with James Hawkins

New video content (2023).

Digital Download

New Updated Relationship Education and Enhancement Program

Hold Me Tight® Conversations for Connection video

Engaging video/2-DVD set.

Hold Me Tight® Facilitators Guide For Small Groups

Includes handouts, slides, and exercises.

Creating Relationships that Last video

Enlightening video/DVD.

A Facilitator’s Guide to Leading Your Best Hold Me Tight® Workshop video

Essential video/DVD (2015).

Hold Me Tight® Conversations 1, 2 & 4 with James Hawkins video

New video content (2023).

Book Not Included in Package

Please note, this package does not include the Hold Me Tight® book.

Unlock Lasting Love with Dr. Sue Johnson

Hold me Tight provides therapists with a comprehensive roadmap to guide couples towards cultivating and strengthening lasting love. Through guided discussions, demonstrations, and private key conversations, therapists can facilitate transformative experiences for their clients. The book equips therapists with the tools and insights needed to help couples create accessible, emotionally responsive, and engaged relationships.

Explore the extended offerings of the Hold Me Tight program

tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse relationships

Each extension offers unique tools and guidance to support couples in cultivating stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Navigate the intricacies of parent-adult child relationships, equip yourself with effective communication techniques for families with teens, deepen your spiritual bond as Christian couples, and embark on a journey of healing and renewal with Healing Hearts Together.

Families with Adult Children

Embark on a transformative journey with Drs. Nancy & Paul Aikin’s innovative program, offering tailored guidance for families navigating adult children relationships. Through structured conversations and exercises, deepen understanding, strengthen bonds, and foster mutual respect across generations.

Families with Teens

The Hold Me Tight Let Me Go Program offers vital support for families with teens, navigating adolescence. Gain practical tools, insights, and exercises to strengthen bonds, improve communication, and foster resilience. Embark on a transformative journey toward greater connection and harmony, whether facing challenges or seeking to enrich relationships.

For Christian Couples

The Hold Me Tight Program for Christian Couples merges Dr. Johnson’s emotionally focused therapy with a biblical perspective, led by Christian therapist Sanderfer. Using Scripture and personal anecdotes, couples learn to be responsive to each other and to God, revitalizing marriages with faith-based insights.

Healing Hearts Together

Healing Hearts Together,” derived from Hold Me Tight®: Conversations for Connection, is tailored for couples facing cardiac disease. Guided by the book’s seven pivotal conversations, this specialized program enhances both relationship and well-being. Experience renewed closeness and resilience as you navigate this challenging journey.

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Join a community committed to nurturing lasting love and connection. Unlock the full potential of “Hold Me Tight” in your practice and guide couples toward deeper intimacy and understanding.

Our materials are tailored to assist therapists in unlocking the full potential of Hold Me Tight within their practice. Whether you’re new to the program or seeking to deepen your expertise, we’re here to support you every step of the way.