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Members Website
    • Everyone is set to receive the forum digest notification daily by default. If you want to change that just follow these directions:
      • Log onto the members site
      • Once there you will see on the far right of the menu it says “My Account”
      • Mouse over that and select “Profile”
      • When your profile page has loaded you will notice under the place where you profile picture goes you can see three selections on the top menu. Profile, Forums, Settings.
      • Right now we are going to focus on the profile.
        • Under the profile menu, click Edit
        • Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see under Forum Digest Preferences
          • Enable Forum Digests
          • Digest Frequency
          • Instant Forum Notifications
      • Check off the “Enable Forum Digests ” box if you no longer want to receive the digest
      • If you want to continue to receive the digest but wish to change the frequency then, select the drop down and choose one of the three frequencies available. If you wish to receive instant notifications of new topics or replies as soon as they are created then make sure you have that box checked!
      • Save changes and you are good to go!