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Yes, but  you need to send the whole session and direct our attention to up to two sections.  A continuous 20 minute clip is preferable.

The tapes can be audio or video, but the sound must be clear. 

Yes, but each couple needs to have a case conceptualization completed. 

Yes, all tapes need to include a transcript.

Please refer to the document on the member’s website that outlines tape requirements. It is also recommended that you consult with your supervisor about the readiness of your work.

The tapes are to be 20 minutes long for each stage.



ICEEFT can look at your continuing education credits as a substitute for the graduate courses. This is reviewed on a case‐by‐case basis.


Finding a group who will let you make up the weekend missed is the preferred route.  If that is not possible, consult with ICEEFT.

For therapists who are geographically isolated, an individual training plan can be structured to include a combination of individual and group supervision secured long distance and online.

Another option is to attend an advanced externship, which can be offered by 
a certified EFT supervisor. The advanced externship plus 24 hours of group 
supervision plus 8 hours of individual supervision meets the training 
requirements for certification. 

Specific feedback is given with the request to send another tape that includes 
what has been identified as missing. There is no charge for any additional 
review of tapes.

One tape showing Stage one work and one tape showing Stage two work.  
Please refer to guidelines for EFT Therapist Certification and criteria for 
further information.  You will find this on the Member’s Website. 

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Certification – Before

At this time all of our North American trainings are only being offered online.

Only ICEEFT-endorsed trainings count toward Certification.  Unfortunately, the online program you took does not count.

The Externship will cost approximately $1,100.00, Core Skills training approximately $450.00 per 2 days and a total of four two-day training’s need to be completed.  Individual supervision varies around $100.00-$200.00 per hour.

You can find the requirements to obtain your EFT certification at this link: At this page, you can click on EFT Certified Therapist under Levels of Certification. This will provide you with the steps and courses needed to take to achieve your certification. We offer trainings all over the world. There are no restrictions based on location; therefore, you can register for a training in any country. You can find all of our online courses at this link: The first course one would have to attend is an Externship.

The PESI courses are a different platform that Sue Johnson and other trainers can use to share their knowledge and education. Only ICEEFT courses will count towards your certification in EFT.

Please see for more information about EFT trainings.

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Certification – During

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Certification – After

You will have to reach out to the organizers/trainers of the workshop.

Please confirm with that individual supervision has been completed.

Visit and use our Find a Therapist search page. You can search by city or country and reach out to an EFT therapist in Iran and express your interest. We are always excited to welcome new therapists into our EFT community!

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Find a Therapist Directory

Not yet, but we hope to implement this capability in the near future.

Please use these steps to list yourself in the directory (note that this option is not available to Student or Associate Members):

      1. Go to and log in
      2. Click on “My Account/My Profile”
      3. Click “Edit”
      4. Check box next to “I want to be listed in the public directory” and then click on “Save Changes”.

Submit the details of your Core Skills training to Please note where and when the Core Skills training was completed and the name of the supervisor/s with whom you have completed the required hours of individual supervision. Requirements can be found at:

Send an email to stating where and when you completed the Externship. Once confirmed, your status will get changed.

Send an email to with your graduation date and your status will get changed.

If you log in to the members’ site, click on “Edit Profile”, you will see “Address 2 (Optional).”  Click on that to add your information and click on “Save Changes.”  That will give you two listings on the directory.

Please contact and the change will be made.

Let us know at and we’ll fix the problem.

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Forming an EFT community

Please read the following document: You must be an ICEEFT member to access this resource.

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When you are composing your post, at the bottom of the window you will see a checkbox that says, “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”. Simply check that box and the system will automatically notify you of any further responses.

At the top of each page in the forum are “breadcrumbs” which show where you are in the site. Clicking links in the breadcrumbs can take you to the level you are interested in. For example if you are view a topic and the breadcrumbs say:    Home › Forums › ICEEFT Official › Questions About Certification Process,  then clicking on ICEEFT Official would take you up to the main page for that section and clicking on Forums would take you to the main page of the entire Forum.

Making a post in the ICEEFT Forum is easy. Simply look for the section you would like to post in. Let’s say, for example, that you would like to introduce a new Supervisor to ICEEFT Members. Simply click on “TOWN HALL: General discussions, introductions, referrals, etc.” At the foot of the page you will see an email style area where you can write your message. Be sure to use a descriptive Topic Title (this is like the subject line in an email), then enter your message in the big text area below. Once you’re done writing, scroll to the bottom of the page. If you would like to be emailed when someone replies to your post, check the box beside “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”. Otherwise, just press the submit button.

    • Everyone is set to receive the forum digest notification daily by default. If you want to change that just follow these directions:
      • Log onto the members site
      • Once there you will see on the far right of the menu it says “My Account”
      • Mouse over that and select “Profile”
      • When your profile page has loaded you will notice under the place where you profile picture goes you can see three selections on the top menu. Profile, Forums, Settings.
      • Right now we are going to focus on the profile.
        • Under the profile menu, click Edit
        • Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see under Forum Digest Preferences
          • Enable Forum Digests
          • Digest Frequency
          • Instant Forum Notifications
      • Check off the “Enable Forum Digests ” box if you no longer want to receive the digest
      • If you want to continue to receive the digest but wish to change the frequency then, select the drop down and choose one of the three frequencies available. If you wish to receive instant notifications of new topics or replies as soon as they are created then make sure you have that box checked!
      • Save changes and you are good to go!

To reply to a post, simply click on the post and scroll to the foot of the page. There you should see a box where you can enter your reply. If you don’t see a text box below the message, that probably means that the message has been “closed” and no further comments are allowed (for example, on the Code of Conduct post).  If you would like to be notified is someone else replies to the same post, click on the box beside “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”. Otherwise, just press the “submit” button and your post will go live.

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ICEEFT has transitioned from the listservs to a forum format. Log-in to the members website and click on “Forums” in the menus at the top.

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