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Certification Training

Before Starting

At this time all of our North American trainings are only being offered online.

Only ICEEFT-endorsed trainings count toward Certification.  Unfortunately, the online program you took does not count.

The Externship will cost approximately $1,100.00, Core Skills training approximately $450.00 per 2 days and a total of four two-day training’s need to be completed.  Individual supervision varies around $100.00-$200.00 per hour.

You can find the requirements to obtain your EFT certification at this link: At this page, you can click on EFT Certified Therapist under Levels of Certification. This will provide you with the steps and courses needed to take to achieve your certification. We offer trainings all over the world. There are no restrictions based on location; therefore, you can register for a training in any country. You can find all of our online courses at this link: The first course one would have to attend is an Externship.

The PESI courses are a different platform that Sue Johnson and other trainers can use to share their knowledge and education. Only ICEEFT courses will count towards your certification in EFT.

Please see for more information about EFT trainings.

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You will have to reach out to the organizers/trainers of the workshop.

Please confirm with that individual supervision has been completed.

Visit and use our Find a Therapist search page. You can search by city or country and reach out to an EFT therapist in Iran and express your interest. We are always excited to welcome new therapists into our EFT community!

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