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I don’t have the graduate courses in couple and family therapy that are required. Can I be certified?
ICEEFT can look at your continuing education credits as a substitute for the graduate courses. This is reviewed on a case‐by‐case basis.

There are no core skills or advanced externships offered in my area. How can I obtain the necessary training?
For therapists who are geographically isolated, an individual training plan can be structured to include a combination of individual and group supervision secured long distance and online.

I am receiving supervision from a supervisor in training. Do these hours count towards my certification?

I have heard I could do supervision in a group of 2 supervisees and still count these hours.  Is this true?

I have heard I could do supervision in a group and still count these hours.  Is this true?
Yes, you can count up to 4 hours in a group setting as long as you present your own work and receive feedback from the supervisor.

How many hours do I need to complete for individual supervision, if I am doing this with another Supervisee?

Can I begin individual supervision before I have completed core skills?

I have missed a weekend of my core skills training. What can I do?
Finding a group, who will let you make up the weekend missed, is the preferred route.  If that is not possible, consult with ICEEFT.

There is no core skill training offered in my area. What can I do?
Another option is to attend an advanced externship, which can be offered by a certified EFT supervisor. The advanced externship plus 24 hours of group supervision plus 8 hours of individual supervision meets the training requirements for certification.

What tapes do I need to send to ICEEFT?
One tape showing Stage one work and one tape showing Stage two work. Please refer to guidelines for EFT Therapist Certification and criteria for further information.  You will find this on the Member’s Website.

How long are the tapes?
The tapes are to be 20 minutes long for each stage.

Can the tapes be audio?
The tapes need to be video.  If this is not possible, permission to send an audio tape needs to be secured from the ICEEFT board.

Do I need to send a transcript?
Yes, all tapes need to include a transcript.

Can the two tapes be 2 different couples?
Yes, but each couple needs to have a case conceptualization completed.

Can I send in several clips from a session for one stage?
Yes, but  you need to send the whole session and direct our attention to up to two sections.  A continuous 20 minute clip is preferable.

How do I know what to include in the tapes?
Please refer to the document on the member’s website that outlines tape requirements. It is also recommended that you consult with your supervisor about the readiness of your work.

What happens if my tape does not meet expectations?
Specific feedback is given with the request to send another tape that includes what has been identified as missing. There is no charge for any additional review of tapes.