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Externships in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy®

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Day 1 AM
Registration and Check in
Introduction to Externship &  Attachment Science as a Guide for Psychotherapy ― EFIT, EFCT, EFFT
Basics of the EFT Model ― Experiential & Systemic

Day 1 PM
Overview of the process of change ― Stages and Steps
EFT Tango Across Modalities
Exercise or DVD Clip & Discussion

Day 2 AM
Case Presentation: Live Session or Tape Review or Case Role-Play ― Discussion
Assessment in EFIT & EFCT
Alliance Building

Day 2 PM
Stage 1 ― Stabilization / De-escalation of Negative Cycles
Exercise or DVD Clip & Discussion

Day 3 AM
Case Presentation / Live Session or Tape Review / Discussion
Micro Interventions / RISSSC / Catch-the-Bullet / Building Attachment / Slice It Thinner

 Day 3 PM
Stage 2 and Change Events
Exercise or DVD Clip & Discussion

Day 4 AM
EFIT ― Goals ― Tango ― Watch DVD Sessions
Forgiveness and Attachment Injuries in EFCT

Day 4 PM
Escalated Couples / Traumatized Individual Clients
Exercises or DVD Clip & Discussion