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EFT therapists recognize the key role that emotion plays in unlocking the impact of trauma on vital relationships, identity development, and personal growth. Traumatic experiences play a significant role in shaping self-understanding and interpersonal trust across the life span.  EFT recognizes the restorative resource attachment brings to healing and freeing individuals from pivotal experiences that constrain personal development.

The goals of this workshop series (7 sessions over 7 months) are two-fold: (1) to provide EFT therapists an opportunity to follow the treatment of an EFIT trauma case(s) exploring the process of treatment through the lens of culture, attachment, and identity; and (2) to provide therapists the opportunity to gain EFT case consultation integrating trauma, emotion, and cultural identity

This workshop will meet (virtually) once a month for 7 months (9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, PST).  The first hour will focus on EFIT treatment of a trauma case and the second hour will be used for case consultation for participants who seek direction on their work with individuals, couples, and families using EFT. Register here.