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Marjorie Nightingale JD, lMFT

In this Part 2 of her well received workshop based on her dissertation research and an award-winning article, Marjorie Nightingale will continue explore the use of emotionally focused therapy with African American couples.  In Part 1, she discussed the importance of self of the therapist work regarding race as a precursor to working with African American couples and encouraged participants to consider the impact of their own identities on the work.  Marjorie reviewed how racial oppression and patriarchy uniquely impact African American couple functioning and how to begin naming these issues in Assessment Stage of the EFT model.  In Part 2 of this workshop, Marjorie will briefly review main points of previous workshop and will focus in more depth on each stage of EFT process and adaptations she used to weave in the impact of racial and intersectional trauma for African-American or cross racial couples. She will provide examples and opportunities for experiential discussions and reflections during this seminar