Benefits of Certification:

A Certified EFT Therapist can be listed on the ICEEFT Directory, upon completion of requirements and maintaining ICEEFT membership.

Requirements for Certification:

  • An ICEEFT-endorsed EFT Externship led by a Certified EFT Trainer: 28-30 hours over 4 days.
  • Core Skills Training led by a Certified EFT Trainer, 48 hours over four 2-day workshops, focusing on EFCT and EFIT with examples from EFFT. If five is offered, the fifth is an optional 2-day workshop
  • Individual supervision by a Certified EFT Supervisor, Trainer or approved Supervisor Candidate, 8 hours. (Individual supervision may be with two people.) Also, four of these eight hours may be in a group supervision setting as long as the supervisee is presenting their own work with the undivided attention of the supervisor.  Supervision can be face-to-face or long distance.  ICEEFT requires that every effort be made to protect confidentiality of the client.  Any web-based sharing of information or encryption of sessions must be done in accordance with the standard of the professional college of the supervisor.  ICEEFT is not responsible for supervisor’s actions in this regard.
  • Therapy Excerpts: Applicants are asked to provide two therapy excerpts, one from Stage I and a second one from Stage 2.Excerpts are to be video, audio sessions are not acceptable and will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances with a written request from the supervisor for permission from the ICEEFT certification team.  Zoom sessions are acceptable. For more info, please see the Members site:

Application Procedure:

Please review the  Certification Application Requirements Checklist prior to submitting your application.

The fee for review and administration is $600.00.  The fee is payable here.

Please send the following to ICEEFT via upload to Hightail (

  • A cover letter
  • A summary of previous clinical training and experience, including the number of cases treated, the clinical setting, and the type of supervision.
  • A current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Three letters of references from professional colleagues
  • A letter of reference from current EFT Supervisor
  • Copies of all relevant documents from the list of pre-requisites noted above.
  • Documentation/evidence of completion of the requirements, equivalents and supervision.
  • Video recording of 2 sessions, one showing Stage 1 and one showing Stage 2 work

Please note that all application materials will be deleted immediately after being reviewed by ICEEFT.

The standard fee for review and administration of $600.00 can be adjusted in two ways:

If an applicant is from a country outside of North America and their country’s gross national revenue is below the North American standard, the fee can be adjusted. The following sliding fee scale applies for the ICEEFT Therapist Certification process and is based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, Atlas method, of the world’s countries.

  1. Applicants for ICEEFT certification from countries whose GNI is $30,000 or more will pay the standard application fee of $600.
  2. Applicants from countries whose GNI is between $20,000 and $30,000 will pay 2/3 of the standard application fee, or $400.
  3. Applicants from countries whose GNI is less than $20,000 will pay 1/3 of the standard application fee, or $200.

Some variations may apply as determined by the Education Committee – particularly if a Trainer is involved for a non-English therapist certification process on a case by case basis. To receive a discounted application fee, please send a message to