Comments from past externship participants:

“Thanks so much. It is really a joy to be in conversation and see in practice the humanistic tradition.”

” Thank you for the great learning experience.”

” One of the best workshops I have been to.”

audiencelrg“… Best bang for my training buck in a long time.”

“Excellent learning experience, sophisticated but pragmatic and accessible.”

“I laughed, I cried, I learned.”

“Really a terrific learning experience – exceeded my expectations!”

“In 20 years of workshops and presentations this was absolutely and easily the tops!”

“The Externship was the best training I have ever had! It was fun. It was poignant. It was worthwhile. It made a difference.”

“Brilliant, relevant, entertaining and emotionally enlightening…”

Feedback from a recent Externship:

All participants (45 out of 45) gave the usefulness of the Externships top rating (5 out of 5). 99% of all participants gave a top rating (5 out of 5) on the quality of the teaching.

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